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Chinese Traditional Costume

The Fashion Of Chinese Traditional Costume

When it comes to traditional clothing China is one of the top five countries for colorful and rich looking clothes. They look very beautiful and compliment the ancient most tradition of the country. The culture and traditional values are easily visible within the design and pattern of Chinese clothes. And there are plenty of colors and expensive materials that you can find in those costumes. You can find this ethnic fashion for men, women, and kids of all ages too.

Accessories and headgears
Chinese traditional costumes are not just about clothing but plenty of accessories too. Women wear different types of headgears such as jeweled tiaras, crowns, caps, etc. Men wear traditional hats and headbands to go with their clothing too. Women carry colorful Chinese hands fans with them as part of fashion accessory. It really speaks a lot about ancient tradition and they are quite functional too. Even the footwear comes with various patterns and artistic embroidery work on them.
Red is royal

Bright colors
Most Chinese traditional costumes can be found in bright shades of different colors. These costumes are usually embellished with beads, gemstones, and jewelry too. Chinese give more prominence to materials such as silk and satin. You can find most of these clothes are designed using gold threads. Chinese clothes usually can be found with designs of ancient Chinese symbols. There are different styles for men and women. Clothes for women are mostly gowns and lengthy frocks while men wear long gowns with belts around them. You can even find traditional trouser and shirts along with an ethnic waistcoat.

Red is royal
During ancient China, red costumes with the design embroidered with golden thread used to represent royalty. Even today, you can find these rich looking patterns common during festivals in China. They are mostly made using silk and other expensive materials are can cost a fortune too.

Chinese lion Costume