The Chinese Clothes -A combination of fashion and classic

The Chinese clothes were still a fashionable style, and Chinese traditional costume,Chinese clothing was heavily influenced by all the dynasties that ruled it. Han Chinese or Hanfuclothing has the longest history of clothing worn. Hanfu’s clothing rules have been strictly followed as a mark of respect for culture. The basic design of ancient Chinese Hanfu was largely developed during the Shang Dynasty. The Shang had two basic styles – the Yi which was the coat worn on top and the Shang which was the skirt worn under it. Buttons on all ancient Chinese clothes have been replaced by a Sash. The clothes were in warm colors. The Zhou Dynasty in western China has varied in the sleeves being narrow as well as wide. The length of the skirt varies from knee length to ankle and the different sizes and styles have created a distinction between the people who wore them. The Chinese traditional costume,Chinese clothing used minimal seams on the garment and the use of embroidery and silk belts to design the dresses.

Another popular Chinese clothing is the Qipao. Qipao is a familiar style of the traditional dress and includes a tight bodice and a high collar. It is a well-established symbol of Chinese fashion with its elegant and long darling design. The most common fabric for this dress is silk, although other fabrics are possible to match a specific occasion or event. By wearing this type of native dress, it is possible to make a real statement.The style of the traditional dress is made in a variety of styles. The most common methods used to create the unique appearance include the change of the material, the design of the necklace and the length of the skirt. If you are traveling to China on a getaway, there are plenty of nearby tailor shops in major cities that are ready to modify the outfit to match the look and the favored style.